Word of dean

Dear future students,

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of the two public higher education institutions in the Republic of Srpska, whose basic mission is to educate mechanical engineers. The decision to continue your education is one of the most important decisions in your life. In fact, you are choosing your professional path that will mark your future. By obtaining a degree, you become part of the academic, progressive part of the society in which you live and its basic driving force in further development.

We are aware that we bear a significant part of the responsibility for your success. Working in small groups, dedication, intensive communication, are just some of the approaches that have contributed to our students having a quality education. On the other hand, we are also proud of their results during their studies, and especially later during the development of their professional careers.

The participation of our teaching staff in numerous international projects and cooperation with business entities and related institutions in the country and the region is an additional indicator of our openness to the environment and commitment to improving the teaching and research process.

Dear high school graduates, if you decide to study at our Faculty, be sure that you will find an interesting and quality education, during which you will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and practical competencies to meet all the challenges of the mechanical engineering profession. By enrolling at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, your future is secure. Studying and finally graduating will enable you to become innovative and creative engineers, who will also be ready to respond to requirements that are not directly related to the field of mechanical engineering.

Finally, I invite all interested high school graduates to become part of our successful team. We will be grateful if you trust us and I am sure we will live up to your expectations. Our motto is to study the best – study Mechanical engineering in East Sarajevo.

Dear graduates, welcome to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo.

Prof. dr Milija Kraišnik