Mission and goals

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering East Sarajevo, as an organizational unit of the University of East Sarajevo, organizes and conducts academic study programs for all three cycles of study, and develops scientific and professional work in the scientific and educational field of Engineering and Technology.

The mission of the Faculty is to constantly innovate teaching contents with the application of modern methods and techniques of education and to educate young and quality experts in the field of mechanical sciences capable of being leaders in the development of industry in the region and beyond. Education at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering encompasses the entire spectrum of development of modern and contemporary technology in line with European trends, ideally set for the practical profession, but also as a basis for effective creative work.
The role of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is to design, test and develop innovations in the field of engineering and technical sciences, and to help the development of the region and beyond through scientific and technical support.

Our goal is to develop the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering into a modern European higher education institution recognized for its scientific research achievements and the achievements of graduates and postgraduates in the field of mechanical engineering.