Center for thermal energy and process engineering – CETEP

Head of the center: prof. dr Dušan Golubović

The CETEP Center aims at a higher level of organization to address sustainable development based on existing professional skills and further advancement. It is also possible to make a significant contribution to the education of graduated engineers.

The task of the center is coordination and participation in projects for the realization of scientific and professional work in the field of thermal energy and process engineering.

CETEP’s areas of activity are:

  • thermal power and process plants,
  • thermotechnical installations,
  • air conditioning, heating and cooling,
  • district heating,
  • thermal energy equipment: exchangers, condensers, evaporators, boilers, cooling towers, heat pumps,
  • thermoenergetic, thermotechnical and process measurements,
  • renewable energy sources: solar, geothermal,
  • low-flow hydropower, wind energy, biomass,
  • purification plants,
  • waste recycling,
  • energy efficiency,
  • environmental protection systems.