Laboratory for CNC machine tools and CIM systems

Head of the laboratory: Prof. dr Miroslav Milutinović

Laboratory equipment and activities:

1. Concept MILL 450 CNC milling machine

4 numerically controlled axes

Possibility of processing parts up to dimensions 600x500x500 mm


2. Concept MILL 250 CNC milling machine

4 numerically controlled axes

3. Concept TURN 450 CNC turning machine

6 driven tools

Possibility of making parts up to 300 mm long and 210 mm in diameter

4. Computer equipment and externally programmable units for CNC programming

The laboratory also has simulation software EMCO WIN NC, which allows students to develop creative skills in the field of modeling and simulation of machining processes.

The main activity of the laboratory for CNC machine tools and CIM systems is scientific research in the field of modeling and simulation of machining processes, design and simulation of machining processes using CATIA software package, as well as programming CNC machine tools and CAM modeling.

The Laboratory also conducts a significant part of the teaching process in various subjects through a series of auditory and laboratory exercises.

In addition to scientific research work, the laboratory has opportunities for a number of commercial activities, through training programs on CNC machine tools, as well as opportunities for cooperation with legal entities and individuals in the field of metal machining.

All elements of flexible automation enable high flexibility and productivity of production systems for the production of complex parts in individual and series production. The basic and additional conditions that the CNC machine tool meets define its capabilities. The basic conditions imply that the CNC machine tool must primarily achieve the appropriate accuracy of processing and the quality of the treated surface, while achieving a high level of productivity and economy. Additional conditions include several functional characteristics of CNC machine tools, such as: high cutting speeds, heavy machining, high driving power, high static and dynamic stiffness of the machine system, high degree of mechanization and automation in manipulative processes of tool and workpiece change, and interchangeability of modules and functional assemblies.

Computer-controlled machine tools are used for the production of workpieces with spatially complex surfaces, high quality machined surfaces and high accuracy of measurements and geometric shapes.

In accordance with the above, and in order to improve and affirm the production machinery and the machine profession in general, a Laboratory for CNC machine tools and CIM systems was formed.

The laboratory started working after the implementation of the project “Modernization of the University of East Sarajevo”.