Department for applied mechanics

The main purpose of the department of applied mechanics is to enable students to successfully acquire basic knowledge of fundamental subjects of the basic part of the study, which are necessary for successful mastering of the units within the later focused study at the faculty. The department studies the areas in which the knowledge required for the analysis and calculation of important parameters of technical systems (forces, laws of motion, dimensioning, balance of mechanical energy), which is a prerequisite for mastering issues related to the study of numerous technical areas in mechanical engineering (constructions, engines and vehicles, production processes, etc.).

Head of the department: dr Nebojša Radić, full professor
Secretary of the department: dr Dejan Jeremić, assistant professor

Members of the department:

Full professors:
dr Ranko Antunović – the Faculty of mechanical engineering East Sarajevo
dr Nebojša Radić – the Faculty of mechanical engineering East Sarajevo

Assistant professors:
dr Dejan Jeremić – the Faculty of mechanical engineering East Sarajevo
dr Nikola Vučetić – the Faculty of mechanical engineering East Sarajevo

Subjects that belong to the department:

Subjects at the Faculty of mechanical engineering East Sarajevo:

1st Study cycle – 240 ECTS

  • Mechanics 1
  • Mechanics 2
  • Mechanics 3
  • Mechanics 4
  • Vibration and noise
  • Mechanics of machines (mechanisms)
  • Mechanism theory
  • Strength of Materials 1
  • Strength of Materials 2
  • Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • Computer simulations
  • Finite element method
  • Modeling and simulations
  • Mechatronics


2nd Study cycle – 60 ECTS

  • Finite element method theory
  • Oscillations and stability of composite plates and shells
  • Mechanics of mechanisms and machines
  • Robot and manipulator mechanics
  • Design of monitoring and diagnostic systems


  • Laboratory for applied mechanics and mechanical constructions
  • Head of the laboratory: dr Ranko Antunović, full professor

Basic information about the department:

The main task of the Department of applied mechanics is education and research in the field of mechanics of solids. The teaching process is organized according to the requirements of the ECTS system, and the curricula are constantly analyzed, updated and improved. Numerous textbooks, books and scripts have been published by the teaching staff, and some new ones are in the final preparation for printing, so that the publishing activity is constant at the department.

The department also includes the Laboratory for applied mechanics and mechanical constructions. The laboratory contain a number of instruments and equipment, while the modernization and procurement of new equipment is permanent process.

Members of the department have the task of continuous improvement, which is reflected in the acquisition of academic titles and professional development. Members of the department also participate in numerous scientific conferences. The department has active cooperation with other departments of the University of East Sarajevo, and other scientific research institutions in the country and abroad. There is also good cooperation with business entities.