Center of accredited laboratories – CA

Board of the center:

Prof. dr Saša Prodanović, Head of the center

Prof. dr Milija Kraišnik, Head of the Laboratory for welding and testing of materials
Telefon: +387 57 340 847

V. ass. Ranka Gojković, mr, Quality manager

The Center for Accredited Laboratories (CA) is a sub-organizational unit of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo.

Intensive activities of employees, as well as the support of the competent ministries in the previous period have led to equipping the laboratories of the Faculty with modern equipment used for scientific research, student education, training and providing services to third parties.

The Center of Accredited Laboratories was established with the intention of increasing the number of institutions in the Republic of Srpska that have an accreditation certificate, which confirms compliance with the standards of prescribed requirements regarding the ability to perform testing of metal materials and metal products. The goal is to facilitate and speed up the application of standards for laboratory testing and measurements, and thus increase the competitiveness of our companies in the European and global markets.

The Center is accredited according to the standard BAS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and it includes laboratories of the Faculty that are or will be accredited. Currently, the Center involves a Laboratory for welding and testing of materials, which has accredited seven methods of testing metals and welded joints.

The following methods have been accredited:

  1. Metals and metal products – Tensile testing – Part 1: Room temperature test;
  2. Metals and metal products – Bending test;
  3. Destructive testing of welded joints on metal materials – Tensile testing of transverse specimens;
  4. Destructive testing of welded joints on metal materials – Bending test;
  5. Destructive testing of welded joints on metal materials – Microscopic testing;
  6. Microscopic determination of apparent grain size;
  7. Destructive testing of welded joints on metal materials – Macroscopic testing.

The activities of the Center in general are focused on providing services that are important for industry in BiH. These include: research in the field of mechanical engineering, organization of educational and promotional seminars, courses and workshops, provision of consulting services and development of expertise to stakeholders, as well as other work in the field of mechanical engineering.