Laboratory for measurement and quality control

Head of the laboratory: Prof. dr Slaviša Moljević
Contact: +387 57 320 150
E-mail: slavisa.molј

Laboratory equipment and activities:

1. Measurement of surface roughness

Roughness meter SJ-210 + granite base

The device enables roughness analyzes in accordance with various international standards (EN ISO, VDA, ANSI, JIS) and customized settings.

Measuring force detector: 0.75 mN

Measuring range: 16 mm, 4.8 mm [S-type]

Measurement speed: 0.25 mm/s; 0.5 mm/s; 0.75 mm/s

λc: 0.08 mm; 0.25 mm; 0.8 mm; 2.5 mm

λs: 2.5 µm; 8 µm


2. Measurement of speed and RPM

testo 470 TACHOMETER

Combined contact and optical speed and RPM meter.

The device is suitable for measuring speed on motors, axes, fans, etc.

The instrument also allows the measurement of speed and length (eg conveyor belts and rotors).

Measurement of RPM, speed and length.

Average function, max and min values.


  • rpm – optical: 1 to 99999 rpm, accuracy ± 0.02% per measurement, resolution 0.01 rpm (1 to 99.99 rpm), 0.1 rpm (100 to 999,9 rpm) and 1 rpm (1000 to 99999 rpm),
  • rpm – mechanical: 0.1 to 19999 rpm, accuracy ± 0.2% per measurement.

Measuring distance up to 600 mm (optical measurements).


3. Torque measurement

FSB 2 Torque Tester

High-precision torque meter during unscrewing / tightening of threads, nuts, etc.

It is possible to register the maximum torque or register the change in torque in real time. FSB torque testers are equipped with a universal holder that allows the installation of a test piece (maximum diameter 13 mm). The measuring head is equipped with a torque sensor. Manually turning the measuring head creates the measured torque. The torque tester can register the maximum force during unscrewing or tightening. High speed measurement – up to 1000 samples per second.

Special functions: peak value measurement, threshold comparison, statistics, selection of measurement unit, storage of measurement results, graphs, comparison with threshold functions.

4. Pressure measurement

DD890 digital manometer (pressure gauge)

Measuring range: -200..0 .. + 200 mbar

Accuracy: + -0.2% FS

Resolution: 0.01 mbar

Power supply: 1 x 9 V block battery

Dimensions: 210 x 75 x 50 mm

Mass: 650 g


5. Temperature measurement

FLUKE 561 IR termometer

Contact and non-contact IR thermometer for near or remote measurement.

Measures temperature from -40°C to 550°C (-40°F to 1022°F).

Works with all standard mini-connectors type K thermocouples.

Enables one-point laser aiming.

Allows easy adjustment of emissivity for more accurate measurement of pipes and other shiny surfaces.


6. Noise measurement and analysis

Velleman DEM 202

Sound level meter and recorder.

Measurements according to ANSI and IEC61672 standard 1 type 2.

Measuring range (30 – 130 dB), accuracy ± 1.4 dB and resolution 0.1 dB.

Frequency range 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz.

A and C feature recognition.

Automatic and manual selection of the measuring range

Mode of action: Normal and Peak

Real-time internal memory recording up to 262,144 readings.

MIN/MAX recording and HOLD hold function.


7. PH meter

pH monitor PH-991

Measuring range 0 to 14pH

Accuracy: +/- 0.1pH (20°C), +/- 0.2pH, temperature +/- 1°C

Resolution: 0.01 pH, temperature 0.1°C

Temperature: -50°C to 70°C


8. Height meter

Height meter with magnifier 600mm Insize IN1250-600

Resolution 0.02mm / 0.001 ″

Carbide tipped marker. Microadjustable. Magnifying glass for more accurate reading.

Measuring range: 0-600mm

Scale (standard): 0.02mm

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.05mm


9. Vernier calipers

10. Micrometer screw gauge

11. Depth gauges

12. Protractors

13. Comparators